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Princess Bride Discussion questions

Hey all! windandtherain gave me permission to post up some discussion questions for one of this month's selection, the Princess Bride. She'll be posting the discussion questions for Inkheart later this week she said.

So... onto the discussion!

Princess Bride Questions and DiscussionCollapse )

The Time Traveler's Wife Discussion

windandtherain, I hope this is okay. I figure you can add your own questions and thoughts in the comments as well.

I came up with a few questions of my own, along with using some questions I googled. If Lizzi or anyone else would like to add some questions, I'll be happy to edit the main post to add them.

Please feel free to post your reviews of this book as well.

Cut for discussionCollapse )

My thoughtsCollapse )


Alright, I hope this is okay with the mod!

I need new friends on GoodReads.com. Who wants to be my friend? LOL

fairestthings [@] gmail [dot] com is my e-mail on there.

Look forward to seeing some of ya's on there!

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